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Jennifer Pierno

Jennifer has been a solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW for over forty years. Her experience covers areas of law including conveyancing and property law, commercial law, general litigation, family law, and estates. 


Over the years she has conducted her own legal practice, worked for various government departments including the NSW Department of Housing and the NSW Department of Water Resources, and lectured in law at university level.   She has also worked as in-house lawyer and this has at times involved working overseas including in India and Mexico. 


In recent years she has been the Sydney agent for a firm representing a major Australian bank. She has completed both a Master of Arts in International Studies and a Master of International Law at the University of Technology, Sydney, and is currently a PhD candidate. 

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telephone: 0405 453 063

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Having lived here in the nineties while my children attended local schools, I am very pleased to once more be living in Bowral. After an absence of twenty years, I observe many new substantial businesses and much progress.

It is a pleasure to be near my son, his wife and their two beautiful daughters, and to participate in local activities with them.


Jennifer Pierno

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